nor'easter #2

So, the weather report was right. We got snow and alot of it. At noon on Friday, there was nothing on the ground. By midnight, our car looked like this. And yes, that's 6 inches.

But we didn't let the nor'easter get us down. We seized the day since Justin's class was canceled and headed into Cambridge for a concert. Our friend Christopher Williams was in town and I had been planning on going for a month with Becky (she's the one standing in front of the car). So, the 3 of us drove to the nearest train station and took advantage of mass transit. Dinner from Veggie Planet (butternut squash on a good...who knew?) and an amazing show with C-dub and Justin McRoberts was well worth the trek.

The Madness Spreads to the Youth

The Tarheels keep breaking matter how young or old their heart may be. (Thanks to our friends at


Seriously? This must be why they tell us March is the hardest month to live here. Teased with 70 degree days followed by freezing cold rain.


#1 ) New carpet down today. We were able to move bedroom stuff back in and will be able to sleep in our own bed tonight.

#2 ) The turkeys have struck again -- this time going after a kid. Assuming PETA will allow it, we may be having thanksgiving supper again soon...


**updated pics**

(The first 3 shots were early-on in the timeline of the flood. The last one is our bedroom when it was drying out and carpetless.)

That's right. Flooded. Our apartment has been hit by tropical storm "northeaster unpredictable illogical weather patterns".

The snow has almost ALL melted from hours of rain. Pray for us. We're tired.