11 months

Crawling all over the place and fast. Pulling up. Cruising. Singing. Dancing. Making herself laugh. These are all the fun things she's doing these days. It's happening way too fast.

Christmas time!

Here are the first set of pics. Our Christmases are usually spread out over a couple of weeks. We've had three of four so far. Tessa has been so sweet. I love seeing the twinkle of lights in her eyes.

nose, red nose, ahhh-chooo!

We had brought back this puppy dog from Justin's parents' house a few weeks ago. It has labels and buttons that you push and it will tell you the name (ie. hand, foot, tummy) and then sing a song. Tessa didn't really seem interested in it since it doesn't light up like some of her other toys. But I pulled it out the other day and she's started to play with it. Yesterday, Justin figured out you can push the nose even though it's not labeled. Tessa found it quite amusing.

Later in the afternoon, she started pushing the nose by herself and laughing every time.

tiny dancer

yesterday we were waiting for the beahms to come by for a visit. here's tessa as she patiently waits.http://vimeo.com/8334483