Little Moments. Big Magic.

Well, it's official. It's been five years and one month since I walked through the door of BBBS in Winston-Salem and on Friday afternoon, I signed out for good. Surprisingly, it was as easier to leave than I thought. I guess that's because it still feels like I just went home for the weekend. As I've reflected back over the years, I can still remember the first day. I walked into an empty desk, no chair, no computer, not even a pen. Because my position was brand new, I had no one's stuff to inherit. Don't worry though; my collection of office supplies grew as did my responsibilities. And through the years, I've learned so much I can't even put it into words. I appreciate so much more about community and diversity because of my job. It's amazing what a little time invested into a child's life will do.

As fun as the kids have been, my favorite memories are definitely with my fellow staff. We've had many laughs and shared countless stories. I'm very grateful for the time we've shared. And so, to my BBBS friends, thank you for the support. I'll miss you all!

Is it whipped if it's in a can?

I’m standing in line at the grocery store about to pay for what we were asked to bring to the Greenes (see image to right) for dinner. Conspicuous can in hand, Holly asks if the cashier would think it's weird that it's the only thing we're buying. (Answer: no, we decided, because cashiers don't really care what you're buying.) But we know you care, so in honor of the best thing to top blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, here are some fun facts: (courtesy

  • The creator of Reddi-wip, Bunny Lapin, also tried his aerosol concept on other products? His dream was to dispense ketchup and mustard from an aerosol can, but his dream fizzled when his experiment with cinnamon margarine and pancake batter failed.
  • Reddi-wip whipped cream was introduced in 1948 and was one of the first uses of aerosol cans.
  • One out of every two cans of aerosol whipped topping consumed in the United States is Reddi-wip.
  • It would take approximately 1.5 billion cans of Reddi-wip (14 oz. size) placed end-to-end to stretch from the Earth to the moon.
  • And speaking of the moon, a clan of fairies once moved to the moon and used a can of Reddi-wip as their flag. That is, until and giant lunar module landed on their colony and all was lost.
  • National Dessert Day is October 14th (which also happens to be Be Bald and Be Free Day!). Make sure you top it off (your day, not your head) with Reddi-wip!


I debated on whether or not to post any reflections on the events of the past 6 days. Today, however, proved to be the reason why I need to "blog" if any reason at all. Holly and I said we would start blogging so that friends and family would be able to keep up with us during the next few years. In that vein, here's something that is worth knowing about us: We LOVE our friends.

I'm almost (no...more than almost) tearful as I write. Today we saw the burial of a wonderful friend from college. His name was Matt. And for those of us who were privileged enough to know the "Sweetness", we count it our blessing. As many words were said about this man of God -- this man of LIFE -- not enough could be said about the joy you experienced when you were around Matt.

Even in his death, we were surrounded by stories, laughter and tears...because of Matt. We gathered afterwards at Gary's BBQ to fill our stomachs with food and our souls with the much-needed nurturing of each other's presence. In bittersweet hugs and greetings, we gathered to reconnect. We even met two of the youngest Tar Heels. (Here's a photo of the Lutz clan.)

So, I'll say it again: WE LOVE OUR FRIENDS. In deep forms of joy, compassion, celebration, and pain...we experience this grace of God through each other. Holly and I have been so blessed to have Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem friends for the past 10 years and we know that we will always have a different kind of family here in North Carolina. Please stay in touch with us and know that you are part of our journey -- part of the reason why we feel so free to pursue what is coming. Thanks for being the body of Christ to us.

Hey Manny!

Last night we watched Fever Pitch as an appropriate movie to aid us in transition to Boston.


2 Words: Hot + Tub

Last week, Holly and I had a chance to experience some element of a vacation.  We were blessed to be able to stay at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia and take our good friends Andy, Teresa, and their pup Chauncey.  

Highlights: Dock jumping at 10:00 pm, fireworks on all sides of the balcony (the neighbors forked out some $!), watching Neela (the little dog) swim on her on, , playing Halo 2 until 4:00 am, making the decision to stay an extra day, (and finally) the hot tub.  

Lowlights: The jet ski’s inability to start, Montana’s fear of deep water, not a single bite on the line, leaving to go home.

Lowlight honorable mention: has to be the book I started to read on “a black theology of liberation.”  There’s only so many times that I want to hear “whitey” and “honkey” used to describe whites…

Overall, it was a quality getaway.  (Thanks Tim and Judy!)