Cravings? Nah.

I wouldn't say that she's had cravings... but it is 10:19 at night and we're making chocolate chip pancakes...


I like birthdays...even if they're 30th ones.

So, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Lots of fun things going on in the Lewis house. First, I'll share about my awesome husband who secretly planned a surprise birthday party for me. Mandy and I both turned 30 in October, so our hubbies threw a joint party inviting all our mutual friends. I was pretty shocked. Justin (and Drew) did a great job at throwing us off. So when Mandy and I walked into our apartment to find everyone jumping out shouting, "SURPRISE!!!", we were pretty excited. Thanks hubbies for celebrating us.

Then, after I got back from the DR, we celebrated my actual birthday by going to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA. It was an amazingly beautiful day with the leaves changing and the ocean crashing against the rocks. Montana and Neela loved running around on the trails. Later, we went to dinner at the new Japanese steakhouse. Our fellow diners were also celebrating a birthday. The girl was turning 11 and had 8 of her closest friends plus her parents and little sis. Justin and the girl's dad were the only men sitting at the table of 15. But we had fun chatting about adoption (they had adopted their girls from China) and raising little girls.

Enjoy the pics of both the party and the park.

The "Bump" - month 6

Sorry for not providing you with pictures for some time. 


And the one below is of Hol at one of our new favorite places: Halibut Point.  [Notice the special way that the jacket must be unzipped from the bottom.]


Thanks for cheering for us and our baby girl.  TTYL. 

Your BFF,


Month 6

Here she is...our little squirmy eggplant:

Ready... Aim...

Dear readers, at the request of my bride and offspring-carrier, I would like to share a very important "FIRST" for yours truly.

Holly and I decided that we should embrace an opportunity to learn some things in preparation for our anticipated January arrival by volunteering in our church nursery. Holly worked with the wee little kids, while I assisted in the toddler room.

not the actual pee kidNow, I've learned through some friends how troubling potty-training can be, so when I heard that one of the boys in the nursery (a 20-month old) was potty trained, I was greatly impressed. Then the time came when he did a little wiggle and dance to let us know it was "go time". At this point, an older child might say "I need to potty" or something along the lines of "Hey you! I gotta go!" But my co-worker took the hint and asked if I wanted to help the little lad out. So I grabbed the portable "potty-seat" that his mom brought and off we went.

Once we were in position I didn't know if a "one" or "two" would be in order. I asked. He said nothing. Then he began to tug on the toilet paper on the side, cluing me in to the fact that this might be a "two". (Apparently I forgot about aforementioned pee-dance that happened 2.5 minutes earlier.) So I do what seems best and sat him on the seat.

Nope. That wasn't right.

This, dear friends, was evident when the little stream found its way several feet away onto me - shirt, pants...and pride.

For some reason I said in the quickest and most encouraging way, "wait!" And so...he did. (And I was already starting to be impressed again for I know that can be tough...when you really gotta go!)

In this opportunistic moment, I picked the champ up, turned him around and leaned him over Mr. Unnecessary Potty-seat when he resumed his performance perfectly.

After all was said and done... and the wipes had cleaned up both of us... I popped around the corner to illustrate my accomplishment to Holly. When the sympathetic laughter subsided, I proudly returned to my task of toddler-duty. It wasn't a complete and total failure, I must add. I learned a lot: 1) The pee-dance is for the pee, 2) Any time I can make Holly laugh at me for my ignorance is a good step toward working out the kinks in the inevitable system.

Thankfully, my research tells me that girls will not have the sit/stand paradox.