10 months

Well, this has perhaps been the longest time in between posts in awhile. I guess it's due to the fact that we have a 10-month-old! She keeps us quite busy keeping up with her these days. And I guess it only gets worse! So, 10 months comes with so much fun and personality. She's crawling everywhere and her favorite thing to do is stand up. She pulls up on everything. Chairs, tables, my legs, the dogs. She knows her name and can wave and give high fives.

We're so excited for the holidays and ready to start new traditions with her. Do you have any favorite traditions?

9 months

Sorry for the delay. All 3 of us were in different places on her 9-month bday. Justin = Banner Elk, NC for the Emmaus Fall Retreat. Holly = DR for work. Tessa = Marion with the g-parents for her first time away.

What is she up to these days? Well, everything. First came the army crawl and now she's into the legit crawl on all fours. She pulls herself up on everything. Walls, doors, tables, chairs, Montana, Neela. She has a million toys and only wants to play with non-toys. Her top front teeth are coming in. She ate a french fry. She turns and looks at you when you say her name. She's more fun than she'll ever know.