A good day to be a Tar Heel

She started her day off excited; the sun had finally reappeared and she was eager to sing at church and share the Holy One’s affection for all things Carolina blue.

Then…game time came and we cheered and cheered.  (Holding her first pom-pom wasn’t nearly as much fun as trying to eat it.)


And once the victory was secured, relief (and exhaustion) took over and sweet, blissful images of net-cutting ceremonies flooded her dreams.


It was a good day.

Other than today, we’ve had a good weekend.  Friday, Holly and I finally had a date night and Tessa finally had her first babysitters (Thanks again Babs and Jim!).  Then Saturday morning came and T and I were especially excited to give Mommy a morning to sleep in.  Ever since we brought the little critter home, Holly has been working and working to nourish and nurture our sweet T.  (and now, I’m thirsty for sweet tea.)  We really love weekends, but a persistent cloudy sky kept us inside – meaning not much time to play Frisbee with Tessa.  Here’s looking forward to a bright, eventful week! 

growing up

Yesterday, we celebrated 2 months of life with Tessa. Everyday is more fun as she's begun to smile and coo and play with her toys. It's quite amusing watching her little arms and legs flail about as she tries to hit the dangling animals. She played so hard yesterday that she slept from 11pm till 6:45am. We woke up at 3:45am and said, "She hasn't woken up yet??? Is she breathing???", fully expecting to hear a cry within the next few moments. But back to sleep we went only to wake equally shocked when we looked at the clock once she really did wake up.

This morning, we had her two month checkup at the doctor. Fellow parents of young children, you know what that means...shot day. It actually wasn't that bad. She screamed and had big tears, but it was pretty fast and now she's konked out. Also, she is doing great growth-wise up to almost 12 lbs!

Here's a few pics and a little video. We really should cancel cable since this is now our greatest form of entertainment...


catching a quick nap before the doctor appointment

look who's talking

So, our friends Benjamin and Gabby put a video on their blog today. After seeing theirs, Tessa was inspired to share a few of her latest thoughts with you. (Please excuse the phone ringing a few seconds in).

all smiles

What is it about a smile that can always make you smile back? It’s pretty fun these days to watch our little one grow and develop a personality. She loves to stare at your face and return a grin or two if you smile at her first. I love that God gave us the ability from such a young age to communicate happiness and joy. Here are some of my favorite smile shots from the past few days...


You might recall the images on the side of T’s changing table.  Just know that she LOVES them and is already smiling at the dog/penguin every day.  In honor of Kal Barteski and her magical animals, I bring you my own version of high contrasting images to stimulate our daughter’s mind (while adding enough color to brighten her world).

Also, there are blogworthy things going on these days in the Lewis world.  But for now, I wanted to leave you with some more fun with Tessa.