Now that we're constantly surrounded by college students, Tessa has a multitude of new friends. She's learning all sorts of new things like how to relax in a hammock and how to look good in the trendiest shades.

7 months

Let's see...what's new in the world of Tessa? She's sitting up on her own which means she can now sit in high chairs and shopping carts. She has a new big girl carseat and high chair. She can roll both ways, though sometimes she forgets that she can. Her first two bottom teeth are starting to come in. Yellow squash and pears have been added to her eating repertoire. The coolest thing that everyone loves is her growing hair. It stands straight up on her head. Thus, no hair bow will stay. I've tried a couple of times, but it's just too wispy. That's ok, Justin doesn't really like hair bows anyway. Though I've realized they could come in handy, especially when she's dressed in red and someone calls her a "him."


It's been over 8 months since we moved back to Winston and we're still settling in. It's haunted me ever since a friend of ours mentioned that our house is nice, but we don't have anything on the walls (thanks Katie!). So I've been trying to make our house more like our home now that we know we're going to be here for awhile. There are now 8 things hanging in proper places on walls. The 4 that I'm most excited about we just finished hanging this afternoon.

A friend that we've spent numerous weeks with in the DR also happens to be an amazing artist/designer/photographer extraordinaire who was kind enough to send some of his latest prints. He decided to take up-close pics of the wood of different Dominican houses. I first saw them on the Drakes wall (via their blog) and LOVED them. So, now we have ours. A simple, beautiful reminder of a people and place that we love. Thanks Bob! You're amazing.

And here's a pic of the pretty flowers my sweet hubby sent on our anniversary. I meant to put this up that day, but time got away. Eight years, five moves, two dogs, jobs, seminary and one daughter later here we are. Becoming parents has been the best and most challenging task yet. But so worth it!

Tessa and Charlotte

Born just 20 days apart, Tessa and Charlotte have their first conversation of what I hope to be a lifetime of "girl talk." Charlotte's mom and I have been friends since 4th grade and we often refer to each other as our twin. We've shared so much over the years and we can only hope we'll live close enough for our daughters to experience a friendship like ours. Love you Christy!