While H is away

The house is silent. (except for the crazy clock Holly bought for her bathroom.  Tick.  Tick.  Tick...)

It's raining.  The dogs are looking out the window.  (grateful they're inside, I suppose.)

Holly is in the Dominican Republic.  She's probably telling Luma about Tessa and her amazing "fwip" skills.  (translation = "flip")  And Tessa is with Justin's family in Marion.  Which means he is missing both his girls tremendously.

Above: Tessa mastering her fwips.  
Above: She's been Beiberized.  

Above: Not many of you know what I (Justin) do.
Here's a favorite snapshot of the year.  One of our dear students, Lindsay, has had a profound impact on Salem College.  Her legacy is proudly captured here. 

Above: Spring arrives with a little guest near our carport.  This little guy is a baby cardinal ...and every day MANY times each day Tessa wants to look at the bird nest and its occupants.
The sad update here is that a couple of days ago the baby and the egg were missing.  I looked for him around the base of the bush but concluded that only predator is to blame.
On a related note, it's probably not a good idea to put a bird feeder near a bird nest - my guess is that will attract unwanted pests rather than refuel momma bird.  ( :-(  - How can I explain this to Tessa? )

Above: Finally - you need a good family shot from Easter.