Justin on TV?

www.justin.tv. First of all – this is NOT this Justin! And I'm guessing this is supposed to be some kind of video casting website, as in "this just in".

Today I went there and found some amazing southern trucker who has figured out how to combine trucking all day with online interaction, smoking, swearing, swerving, music sharing, and storytelling. Check it out: www.justin.tv/joelmoye. What a great way to avoid loneliness and have 295 people watch your driving! (He just said when he gets to 300 viewers he'll drive naked.)

I'm not really a big vidcasting fan yet, but we do enjoy some Rhett and Link from time to time.


So, I was recently tagged by my friend.  I'm supposed to write the name of my memoir in 6 words exactly.  I've been thinking on this one for awhile, which is really silly.  I keep thinking my title must be witty, spiritual, insightful, honest and perfect.

Why?  I have no idea.  I guess I put the pressure on myself because I think the title of a memoir must reflect the life it represents.  So I must want my life to be witty, spiritual, full of insights, honest, and well...perfect.

I've never really taken the time to think about what I would write about my life now or even my latter years.  So, since I don't have mine...what would your memoir title be?  Maybe I'll use yours.

Pics from the family visit

We had an amazing time with Glenn, Norma, and Haley. We went to Newburyport, Rockport, and Boston seeing lots of sights along the way. My personal favorite was Rockport. I think we'll be going back soon to have lobstah-in-the-rough.

Thanks Glenn, Norma, and Haley for coming to see us!

Surprise Visit... sort of

Late Sunday night (a week +1 day ago) I began to inquire of the final plans Holly had in mind for my birthday celebration. (See below for her gifts to me.) She loves surprises. Everything has to be one - gifts, parties, ...people coming into town. I am fond of not knowing a few things, but sometimes you just want a heads up - to see what's coming at you.

Through my gentle prodding I guessed that people were definitely coming. And then narrowing down the potential culprits I got her to give in: My parents and sister! I know they were disappointed that I found out, but the "heads up" gave me time to soak in the amazing gesture of planning and sacrifice that goes in to such a trip.

First of all, they brought me a few surprises: (1) Cheerwine and (2) Cheesecake - not the be eaten together, of course, but we did anyhow. I especially have enjoyed my Cheerwine because I have had a craving for it since the airport security guy took it away from me over a year ago...

Then, we had a chance to be super-touristy in these past few days: driving around the North Shore, walking through the historic Bear Skin Neck of Rockport, touring Fenway Park, and eating lobster (finally)! That makes for a lot of tired feet, but a happy family.

I just dropped them off at the airport and apparently (to top off their amazing trip here) they saw Henry Winkler at the airport. AYYY! (pictures to be uploaded soon.)

a nice addition

Just wanted to show you the latest addition to our walls.  For you non-Tar Heels, this is the Old Well placed in the heart of UNC's campus.  Springtime makes us yearn for sunny days in Chapel Hill.  So, this is a nice reminder.  The photo was taken by our good friend and fellow alum, Locoya Hill.  He's a photographer working in San Francisco.  I bought this print for Justin's 30th birthday gift.  I wanted something timeless and special.  This was perfect.

Thanks Locoya!

Check out his other work at LMHill Photography.

Birthdays are better with baseball

Thanks Keith for helping us out with the tickets!!!

1 more day

He has one more day to revel in the life of a twenty-something.  Tomorrow, it's on to a new chapter and a new decade.  Surprises await!