The rice cereal experiment

Since we just celebrated Tessa’s 4-month day…and found out that she’s the size of a 6-month old… we decided (with Doctor Bill’s encouragement) to give rice cereal a shot.  We’ve spent a few days reading up on this big adjustment and today we took the plunge.  Instead of telling you about it, we’ll let you enjoy the video!

4 months

Hasn't she grown? At our doc visit on Friday, we found out she's more the size of a 5 or 6-month-old. Here she is beside her bear. Big difference from a month ago!

Believe, Behave, Burp

Those were the three “words” given by my commencement speaker last weekend -- three words of wisdom given to graduates of Gordon-Conwell, who are marching forth into vibrant ministry, teaching, or counseling positions… (“Burp,” just to clarify, was the advice to raise a holy ruckus…and at times, upset the status quo to speak against injustice. Credit to Dr. Seuss, of course.)

What a blessing to be with school friends and introduce Tessa to New England. (And yes, a Nick’s Roast Beef sandwich was crucial to the visit.)

The real highlight though was having my wonderful family present with us in Massachusetts. (And by family, I mean my parents, sister, grandmother, 2 aunts, 1 uncle, and 3 cousins!!!) It’s both honoring and humbling to be so supported and loved and the past month has given plenty of opportunity to receive it.

April 19- Ordination at Grace Community Church

April 23- Tessa’s 3 month bday

May 4 – 31st birthday

May 12 – Graduation from seminary

What a month, right!? Thanks to all who made this a special weekend and for the years of support! Enjoy the pics from last weekend.

Other news: Still no news on the job front… obviously, this is the question. We’re trusting God to help us through and know that he takes care of his kids. Please pray for open doors and new opportunities.

born and bred

Saturday we took Tessa on her first trip to Chapel Hill. We've been wanting to go since the azaleas started blooming to see the sights and reminisce, but also to buy the all-important National Champs t-shirts. Kev accompanied us as well and we set out for our day-trip adventure. First was lunch on Franklin St., then a walk through the quad, pictures by Davie Poplar (the Old Well was occupied by a bridal picture session), peeking in the windows of Gerrard, shopping in Student Stores and Chapel Hill Comics, Oreo yogurt from the Yogurt Pump, a detour to Trader Joes (one of the things I miss about living in MA), and then dinner at 35 Chinese. What a great day. Aaaah. Chapel Hill. It's good to be home.