A couple weekends ago, our friends' daughter came to stay with us for the day. She and Tessa are 8+ months apart, so they are just getting to the point where they can enjoy playing together. We felt quite accomplished when we got the two of them buckled into their carseats and on our way to lunch with friends.

T, K, and Justin making dinner in the little house


K showing T how to roll the ball

deciding who gets to sit in the chair

silence is golden

...but there's only so much singing I can do without a little help. And while I'm sure Tessa loves the sound of my singing voice, I was a little worn out on the few songs I know all the words to by heart.

See, we were recently given a second car. Yes, given. There is an awesome family that knew we were in need and asked if they could help. They had a car they weren't using and asked if we wanted it. Ummm...huh? Let me think about it. OKAY! So, it's been great these last few months having my own mode of transportation. However, the stereo was locked and no one knew the security code to get it working.

So, my sweet hubby installed a new stereo for me last week. Isn't he the best?

The Christ School in the DR

My last trip to the DR was with a group of 8th graders and their parents as well as a few teachers and the school principal. It was a quick week chock full of activities. My favorite part of the week was the 8th grade class party. We invited the Dominicans and Americans to have lunch, play games, and enjoy a baseball game together. Typical middle schoolers no matter what country you're in...they sat boys on one side, girls on the other. Then, during the game time, somehow the girls began pointing out which boys they thought were cute. They would then proceed to run over and actually tag him. Not sure the boys had any idea what was happening. Oh 8th grade. So awkward.

The week was fantastic. Reminded me why I like my job so much.

I think I forgot how to blog

Or maybe I feel so overwhelmed with blog posts that I've had in my head that I can't seem to figure out where to start. Or when I get a few moments with my computer, I realize I need to do actual work instead of write lots of frivolous thoughts. Though most of my imaginary blog posts have substance. I want to tell you about my last 3 trips to the DR, and about all the fun things Tessa is up to now that she's 15 months, and how much I love my husband and want to celebrate him on his 32nd birthday (yesterday), and how excited I am that my bff is moving within 15 minutes of my house after she's been 5+ hours away for the last 8 years, and well, there's so much more. So instead of logging into blogger and writing, I don't.

So, here's my first attempt at reuniting with my blog. I'm going to cheat and tell you to read this. Because of everything I have to say, my friend Anna can tell it even better.

Glad to be back. Thanks for reading. Oh and how about a cute Tessa pic for good measure?