An invitation

I've been telling people about New Year's Eve for the past few weeks, inviting them to come to our hometown church and hear yours truly preach. But of course, I've neglected a few important invites.

So here it is: Next Sunday, Dec. 31 at 8:45 am AND 11:00 am, Justin will be delivering his first sermon from the pulpit at First Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem (in the sanctuary). Admission is free ('cause its church, for cryin' out loud) and seating is limited to whoever can get one (like always). If you can come to the 8:45 service, go for it! (and sit close!)

Along with this blog-vite is a prayer request: I take moments like these seriously, but I think God wants this to be an enjoyable experience that glorifies him (not me!!!). So pray that he is seen and heard.

Neela the red-nose...


Okay, so this was last night. I was up late, doing a bit of cramming, studying, and writing and as I finally sneaked into the bedroom, I noticed my little family was fast asleep, snuggling like bunnies and each enjoying their own adventurous dream...

  • Montana said her dream was about squirrels...especially the one that taunts her each day in the back yard.
  • Holly was dreaming of warmer, "beachier" locations.
  • Neela dreamed that she was a FDA inspector on the Taco Bell / E. coli bacteria case.
Speaking of's my family taco. Sorry, the pic is a little on the blurry side.

Mom's Visit

We had our first family visitor last week. My mom arrived last Friday and flew home on Wednesday. We toured the North Shore and Boston in the cool winter weather. We even experienced our first snow of the season as Justin posted below. Here are a couple of pics of our time together.

Let it snow

We've been anxiously awaiting winter's greetings in the form of snow. For the past few weeks, we've had hints, but the weather would always warm up just enough to give us a cold shower. Nasty.

Well...we finally got it. Our first New England snow. Only it was a little too humble to reckon any fear. It started around 7:30 am, finished by 10 am, and was virtually gone by 1 pm. (Except for the small pile that the doggies found.)

Killer whales don't kill

A year or so ago, I watched a National Geographic special on killer whales. I saw their majestic jumps and dives...and then I saw why they do this beautifully terrifying kill.

You see, a killer whale will find his or her prey, like a seal, near the top of the water and surprise it by jumping out of the water and LANDING ON IT, knocking the victim unconscious or instantly killing it. [ video 1 || video 2 ]

In captivity (and SeaWorld) this stunt is awesome and often a good excuse to shower observers with a light-hearted splash. But after reading this, is there any wonder why Kasatka, a natural killer, would attack her trainer?

But don't worry folks! Katsaka will be back to her kindler tricks in no time and one day no one will remember the day when a 6-ton killing machine got a little absent minded and used her trainer as chewing gum.