Here we go again - part 2

Thoughts while sitting in the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico:
You gotta love it when you're waiting to board your plane and all of a sudden you hear an enormous "BOOM!" (Since you can't hear my sound effects, trust me, it was a sonic-something.) Then, the lady who manages the boarding politely requests everyone have a seat while maintenance checks out a little problem. It's been about 25 minutes and we're still waiting. Awesome. (sigh.)

here we go again

So we've spent 13 days in MA and decided we need a vacation. Well, sort of. We're leaving once again tomorrow to return to the DR. We'll be there for a few days to wrap up some work and celebrate with Carol and Joel, who are getting married on Friday. Then, we'll fly to San Diego to spend time with the Farrells for a little fun in the sun. Yippee!!!

Back to Boston

After a delayed flight in Santo Domingo, then a canceled flight in Miami, we finally arrived in NC on July 3rd. We celebrated Independence Day in Marion complete with the Marion city fireworks.

Then, a few days with family and friends in Trinity and Winston-Salem. Later, we headed north stopping in Norfolk to see Will & Christy.

Then, we made the 14-hour trek to Massachusetts last Thursday. It's been great to sleep in our own bed after 7 weeks away. When we left our apartment, it was 45 degrees outside. We've come back to 90 degrees and sunshine! It's like the DR, only not as humid and not as many Spanish speakers.

Since coming back, we've enjoyed catching up with the Thompsons by our landlady's pool and grill. Summer in Massachusetts ain't half bad. Today, we accidentally missed church. We arrived to the church on time (a little before 11am) and pulled into the parking lot. We noticed that everyone seemed to be exiting the church. So, we sat and waited. Because we sure didn't want to be the people walking in when everything was over. As we were driving away, we saw the sign announcing the single service at 9:30am. Oops.

On a more fun note, we headed into the city today to hang out with Erin, who's just moved from Winston. We went to a really cool outdoor market in the South End, but all the vendors were shutting down because the wind was too crazy. Tents were blowing everywhere and it was a little dangerous. So, we proceeded to downtown where all the action was. Street performers, tourists, kids playing in much to see.

Tomorrow it's back to work for both of us. We have much to do since being gone so long. Nevertheless, I'm glad it's SUMMERTIME!!!