Happy 1 Month Birthday, T!

Yep, how time flies. She's one month old today. It seems like it has gone by so fast and yet I can't seem to remember what life was like before she was here. Strange, huh? Justin and I are so glad to be at home together in our first month of parenting efforts. We both have said multiple times that we don't know how people do this by themselves!

Tomorrow, we go to the doctor for her 1 month checkup. We'll find out how much she weighs and ask all of our first-time parent questions to our wonderful pediatrician who, we think, is more like a therapist! Every time we leave the office, we feel so much better. I guess it's just nice to have a little reassurance that we're not completely inept as parents.

Let's see...what else is going on in Lewis life? Well, we did mostly finish the kitchen project, though there's still a little more to go. Our parents helped us unpack the stuff that was still sitting in boxes from the move and we've barely started making our own meals. It has been SO nice to have our church family and friends bring us food for the last month! Thanks to you who have brought us food. We so appreciate it. Anyway, Justin is still on the job hunt. There are a few leads and he's had some good conversations. Keep praying! I'm still doing work for Mission Emanuel. The spring break college groups are headed down starting on Saturday. It's weird to not be going too. Hopefully, we'll make it back down this year.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll leave you with some pictures since that's what you really want to see anyway. :-)

Tummy time

Checking out her high contrast pictures by the changing table

1 month old today

Will you be my valentine?

So one of the perks of having a baby is you can dress them up for special days like today. I'm not so sure she likes it, but she's too cute not to show off. Happy Valentine's Day!

IMG_3822.JPG IMG_3823.JPG IMG_3825.JPG


The announcement


Carolina girl

Hello world. It's been nearly a month since I wrote a new post. Tessa is 3 weeks old tomorrow. I am just starting to feel semi-normal again. Regular sleep is a distant memory, though when I do sleep, there is no more discomfort from not being able to roll over due to my enormous midsection. We have spent most of our days at home getting out only for doctor's appointments or the occasional stroll through the neighborhood. So last night was a new "first."
As most of you know, the Tar Heels put a whoopin' on Duke last night. We had big plans to watch the game at home by ourselves since it was starting at 9 and I'm usually struggling to stay awake by then. However, our dinner was delivered by the Greenes and they, being UNC alumni as well, invited us to watch the game with them. When Andrea asked if we'd like to come over, I'm sure I gave her a puzzled look. I was thinking, "Uhhhhhh...I.......uhhhhh....I dunno." This was a whole new concept. Going out?!...at night?!...with the baby?!

The more I thought about it, the more I thought we should try it. They live just 5 minutes away and it's way more fun to watch UNC beat Dook with other people, not to mention they have a sweet HD TV. (Justin even commented on how the players' skin tone and hair color looked different. We obviously don't have HD). It was a successful night. Tessa was a great fan. She stayed awake for the whole game and looked super cute as she cheered on her Heels. (She started out the day in the white outfit, but it didn't make it past the morning after we got a big poop! But that's ok, she likes the blue one more anyway).

Pictures in motion

Two videos for your viewing pleasure:

1) Holly introduces Tessa (4 days old) (below)

2) Tessa at 2 weeks. (below)


There's something about a baby that wants to eat every 1.8 hours that creates this "fog" ... and at some point you just have to ask for help.  So THANKS (!!!) to Nana Lorna (H's mom) and Aunt Haley (J's sis) for coming through BIG TIME.  Last night Holly got a whopping 7 hours of sleep thanks to the heroics of Haley (and the bottle). 

Today is a new day. 

And just to show us how happy Tessa was, she gave us a dirty diaper, which sadly brings way too much joy into our hearts.  But that's us now...and we're better for it. 

Tessa with Nana Lorna  Aunt Haley pushes T on her first walk outside.

Week 2

Things get better... and she's getting bigger. 

WEEK 2 PHOTOS (Click here or Photo below)


PS - There are stories to tell...especially how Tessa came into the world in a superfast 3 hours!  We've been blessed by family and friends, and sweet T has loved all of her gifts!  We're a bit tired, but even as I'm writing, we've had a night's rest with the backup help of Nana Lorna (Hol's mom).  Keep praying for us...and for T to poop.  (That'd be awesome.)