Tessa and the girls

Of course we have a ton of toys for Tessa to play with, but her favorite playthings are furry and bigger than she is. Montana and Neela are politely tolerating her so far. Let's hope it stays that way. (You'll notice it's mostly Montana in the pictures. That's because Neela just tries to lick Tessa all the time, so we make her move. Poor Neela.)

...and forward

On the move

It's happening. Life as we know it is over. Tessa is crawling. First, she was able to push herself up and then lay back down having scooted backwards a few inches. Then, she was up on all fours rocking back and forth trying to move, but not going anywhere. Next came the lean and roll to reach a toy in front of her. Now she's on to the army crawl and the occasional up-on-all-fours legit crawl. And within the matter of a few hours, she went from crawl position to sitting. Then at naptime yesterday, I laid her down only to hear her a few minutes later. When I peeked through the door, she was up on her knees playing with the ladybug mobile (which has now been removed).

We've been trying to catch her on video as much as we can, but our little camera isn't the best at movies. I think a real video camera is on the short list!

Here's our first installment. Backwards:


Tessa was baptized on September 20, 2009. It was such a special day celebrating her and all that God will do in her life. We committed ourselves as her parents to raise her as a follower of Jesus teaching her to love Him more than anything. I pray that we will lead her by example everyday.


A couple weekends ago I hosted 4 friends from college for a girls' weekend. It's been 6 or 7 years since the 5 of us have been together. And none of us can remember when it was. We have a picture from that time, but no date to tell us exactly. We know we've had as many as 4 of us together since then, but living in TN, NC, VA, and MA as well as another country since moving on from Chapel Hill has kept us apart. Well, now we're all back within 2 states so we decided to reunite. We had so much fun catching up on life.

I'm so thankful for friends that I can go years without seeing (which is NOT my preference), but as soon as we're back together, it's like we never left. Love you girls! (Now we have Facebook, my blog, and pictures with dates so we won't forget this time.)