Thankful for Skype

Yes, we are alive and well. And thanks to Skype, Holly and I see each other every day. She is still in the Dominican Republic while I am about to finish a couple weeks of class here at GCTS. This will officially be the longest run apart from each other in our almost-7 years of marriage. Skype has made it a bit easier, but it doesn't change the fact that I've been reduced to a pseudo-bachelor lifestyle.

In other news, I am now officially 6 months away from finishing my degree and the job search will be on (actually it is already gearing up). Hopefully God will plant us back in the South, but then again you never know where we will end up with our future in His capable hands.

Now in the the Not-News:

  • it's summer I realized that I am used to seeing a certain rediculous series on USA (The 4400) but just found out it was canceled. It may have been the nerdiest thing I have watched but I got a little addicted to the story line (people abducted by the future who have been given special abilities to save the present). Thankfully I have Heroes to offer a completely similar but different in the Fall. And Hancock to provide the next big superhero alternative.
And now for a little interactivity, do you have anything big planned for 4th of July? Where we're from we try to catch a firework show and sit back and say "oooh" to all the cool ones. Will that happen this year? Hmm... not sure yet.