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J, H and Tessa

PS - we're home!

Tessa Nicole Lewis

At 4:09 am, January 23, 2009 we welcomed Tessa into the world.
Weighing 6 lbs, 13 ounces. 20 inches long.

How are we doing?

Now that we're in the last 24 hours of the due date - everyone wants to know: "How are you doing?" (mostly directed at Holly).  The answer - DISTRACTED...and mostly, comfortable (the dogs, more so). I know.  I know... we're supposed to be anxious and impatient.  But we went into this thing knowing we might be delivering later than the due date, so that helped. 

IMG_3236  IMG_3234

PLUS, we've been tackling a little project, the bulk of which will take place THIS WEEK, believe it or not.  So that's why we're distracted.  (Thanks to Kev and my dad for helping with the tear out.)

 IMG_3241  IMG_3249

Those who love us are certainly questioning our sanity and politely discussing our decision-making skills amongst themselves: "What are they thinking!  Redoing their kitchen during the week of the due date!!!"  Rest assured, we haven't lost our marbles.  We're just knocking this "little" thing out before/while the baby arrives.  Thankfully dads and friends are willing to help in case the stork flies by during the project but until then, we've got our hands full and minds on other things. 

{We're actually so distracted...that we forgot our doctor's appointment today!  Ooops.}

"Now she can come."

That's what we've been saying ever since the Beahm wedding when our major commitments were fulfilled. But everyday, we put together another baby thing and complete one more finishing touch, then both look at my belly and say, "Okay Baby, now you can come." Today, Shirley came by and added another section to the nursery. In two hours, we went from nothing to this...

Congrats to Lynn & Michael

Our good friends tied the knot this weekend and we were so happy to be able to celebrate with them. (We told Baby Lewis that she couldn't make an early appearance since we did not want to miss the wedding. She complied. Hopefully, this is an early indicator of a well-behaved child.)

Anyway, it was great to be there to share in Michael and Lynn's special day. We also were able to catch up with the other Beahm siblings and their families. It's always fun when people ask how we know the bride and groom. "Well, we've known Jenny, Lisa, and Chris (Michael's older sisters and brother) since college...and met Michael when he was just 13..."

But, more recently, Michael and Justin have been at Gordon-Conwell together. Michael has been our resident dog-sitter, fellow Red Sox game-watcher, and favorite friend over the past year and a half. When Michael first moved up to MA, he brought (his then-girlfriend) Lynn with him and she stayed with us then and pretty much every visit after that. They also did the grueling 18-hour drive from MA to NC with us a few weeks ago. Lynn flew up the day before we left and then bounced between driving for me and riding with Michael in the worst driving conditions ever in order to help us get home. What a lifesaver! We couldn't have done it without them (and Kevin too!).

Congratulations Beahms! We love you both!!!

Guess who came to see us...

Last Tuesday, I got a text asking about lunch plans for Thursday. I thought the message had been mistakenly sent to me instead of someone else. I made them take pictures in front of our house for proof. What a nice SURPRISE! (For those of you that don't recognize's Mandy and Drew, our Boston BFFs).