Little Orange

Today, the little growing being in my wife's belly is as big as this: [picture not to scale.]
How crazy is that!?

In related news, "Little Orange" just made it onto the list of possible names. (Only we don't know if it would make a better boy name or girl name...)


So, newly planned as of last week, we're headed to NC on Thursday.  It will be a quick visit to see family and celebrate Erin and Austin's wedding.  Then, just to make it extra fun, we're heading to Orlando for a quasi-job interview for Justin.  Pray for us as we travel and for God's wisdom as we figure out what's next.

southern comfort

Sadly enough, you can't get this up here.   Fortunately, we have a good Southern mama who sent some our way.

a new home for Luma

One of the coolest parts of working with Mission Emanuel is watching new homes be built for families in the community.  It's like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" only with block houses and no trip to Disney World.  Justin and I were so excited to find out the first project of the summer would be working on Luma, our sponsor child, and her family's home.  We knew they had started building a house awhile ago and were continuing to work on it, block by block. But it was not even close to being done, so the help from the 55+ youth from Alabama was much needed.

Throughout the week, as the family quickly moved into temporary housing until the house was finished, we were able to actually see the conditions they were living in for over five years.  I must say, it was much worse than I had ever realized.  As the old, pink, wooden house was being destroyed, the most disturbing thing to see was the giant termite nest in the corner.  It was as big as a basketball and positioned right over their beds.  As the crumbling pieces of wood literally broke off in the hands of the men tearing it down, I had to fight back the tears.  I was overwhelmed with sadness that they had been living there for so long, humbled by the family and the fact that they had never asked us, their "rich" American friends, for help, and also filled with joy that they were going to have their new home with new beds in just a few short days.

Needless to say, they are thrilled with their new house.  All month long I could see such a difference in their demeanor and expression.  I feel better when my house is simply clean, so I can only imagine how much it has changed their lives.

please don't be mad at me.

It's shameful really.  I've been back from the DR for two and a half weeks and not a word has appeared on our blog.  About the DR, that is.  It seems every time I sit down to type, I find other things to work on or I simply realize that I'd rather be sleeping.  (Sleeping and eating are my two favorite activities as of late...obviously.)  

So, I hereby commit to you that I will be a better blogger over the coming days.  I have so many things to share about our month and about the amazing things God did in so many lives.  Bear with me, those of you (ahem...grandparents) who would rather know about the ups and downs of pregnancy.  I'm sure I will have many-a-post discussing diapers, baby names, and what-the-heck we're supposed to put on the registry.

Tattoos and glory

Yes. Two posts in one day. Don't hate me, but after last night's magical performance at the All-Star game's home run derby, I can't help myself. Ladies... you should read this any way.

After my love affair with baseball became rekindled a couple years ago (courtesy Red Sox) the game became marred with cheating and substance abuse. To put it simply, my heroes were erased.

Last night baseball (and I) got a new hero... and not because he can launch a ball 500+ feet. Not because he broke the single round record with 28 home runs. Not because he honored his 71 year-old friend and former coach to pitch to him. Because he represents everything wrong-made-right in baseball...and life.

Today, baseball journalist Peter Gammons wrote about Hamilton and others like him, "We are reminded that baseball can help us remember what we stand for, not against, what we believe, not what we fear, and that while we learn from the past, what we all want is to open the door to the future."

Baseball...and millions of kids need a Josh Hamilton. And this tattooed North Carolinian -- with a stained past and a bright future -- might just be this kid's newest hero.

Read his story here and cheer for him tonight.


So I know I am supposed to be blogging about the joys of waiting for my baby to come. It's tough because I know a lot of you wonderful bloggers want to know daddy-to-be's feelings, while others are hoping that there is more going on in my life than talking to my wife's belly. (and yes, apparently at the fourth month the fetus can hear and begin to learn sounds. It's supposedly like talking underwater. I can't imagine the confusion at birth hearing everything louder and clearer!)

But here's a little anecdote that has nothing to do with baby.

I don't consider myself as a facebook person with a ton of friends. I mean, I have my fair share, but suddenly when I look at the little news feed section, or birthdays, I'm thinking…"do I really know this person enough to receive all these updates about their life?" So I imagined out loud with Holly about ways I could "tighten" my friendworld. One brainstorm idea: when someone tries to befriend me that I am ambivalent on finding out how applications they just installed or who else they've befriended, I could send back a little message with some explanation why I use facebook and that they shouldn't take it personally that I am not going to "accept" at this time.

Upon hearing this idea, Holly retorted, "You would be a total tool if you did that."

Yep. She's right.

And I love her for being that honest with me.

a little announcement

Baby Lewis to arrive January 2009!!!