Boston under attack?

Recipe for almost shutting down a whole city?

1 Circuit board
1 Battery pack
150 blinking lights

Place lights in shape of disgruntled cartoon character (aka "the finger") and place in strategic location that would freak people out. (Oh...and be prepared: some people may mistake this for an explosive device.)

Read about how heads will roll while some overage cartoon fans will try to get Bostonians to lighten up...

DR Women's Trip 2007

I just completed a wonderful week in the Dominican Republic with a group of southern belles from NC. We had an amazing time working with the women in the DR on knitting, sewing, cross stitch, stenciling, and so much more. I appreciated this trip because of it's extreme difference from previous trips. We were able to get to know the ladies who attended classes each day and hear about their lives. We talked about their dreams for themselves whether they are 15 or 92 years old. Many of them expressed the desire to see their children grow up with a better life than they had. They want to be able to work and provide food for their families. (Not much different from us when you think about it!) This week they were able to learn skills that will help them earn an income. Each woman was so precious and I deeply value the time I was able to spend with them this week. Below is a link to some pictures from our week. I look forward to telling you more about the trip soon!

4 vs 73

(Temperature in Hamilton, Mass, versus Santa Domingo, Dom. Republic.)

While Holly enjoys her final full day in the warm, tropical climate of Santo Domingo, Justin is eagerly waiting her return in 35 hours.

The Spring semester began today with a bang... or in other words, a quiz. Awesome.


Montana has found a new favorite place. Previously, she just liked lying on the bed. Recently, she has found that Justin's pillow is much more comfortable. At least she makes a good bed-warmer!


I fly out for a week in the Dominican Republic on a Women's trip working with Mission Emanuel, a ministry that Justin and I have been supporting for a few years. I am really excited to go back. We were last there in June 2005 with a group of young adults from our church. This time, I'll be joining ~20 Winston-Salem women on their annual trip which I'm expecting to be quite different from previous weeks. We will be concentrating on women's ministry instead of building construction. (No mixing concrete or wielding shovels, blocks, and buckets!) It should be a great week. Look for pictures and stories to come. Hasta luego!

We're on Skype!

Due to several advanced technologies (and an extremely affordable webcam at Target), we are now capable of video chatting using Skype. This is basically turns your computer into a video phone and you'll see something like the attractive image to the left.

But we hope that this will allow us to see some of you too!!! So if you would like to "skype" us, you need a camera, a microphone, or a webcam/microphone like the one we got. Either's pretty fun. Hope to see you soon!

Chat with me

Our Christmas Vacation

We returned from our trip back to NC slightly exhausted, but extremely grateful for being able to join our family and friends for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Highlights:

· No traffic going or returning (Thanks Hwy 81!)

· Playing with all the nieces and nephews...bug ovens, doodle bears, a keyboard, an xbox, and chapstick were among the fav new toys

· Mmmm...REAL Barbeque (and sweet tea!)

· Seeing Winston friends and playing True Colors with Theresa, Andy, Karver, Elliott, and Lindsay

· Playing DDR and The Settlers of Catan with the Alleys

· A plethora of doggie playtime with Chauncy, Lewie (aka "lu-WEE!"), Ruger, Bailey, Bodie, Piper, and Tai

· Setting a record of places stayed: Hamers, Ledfords, Lewis family, Ward family, and Kelsey. (Thanks for giving our 2 human/2 dog clan a bed.)

· Meeting the newest member of the Greene family

· An engagement party for Greg and Emily

· Our family coming to church on Dec. 31 to hear and support Justin

· The awesome lunch at the Filling Station with family after... then tearful goodbyes

· Celebrating the New Year first with a UNC reunion, then at Karver's sweet WFU President’s garage crib (and watching Andy's elf dance)

· Justin eating a Brazil nut (by accident) and experiencing an extreme allergic reaction at hour 12 (of 14) on the return home (Please do NOT attempt to feed Brazil nuts or cashews to the Justin.)

Nutty New Englander

So this is how El NiƱo is affecting folks up here: